There we were, finishing up a project in the garage, just like any other Saturday, and reminiscing about opening our own business. It didn’t take us long to decide we wanted to open up a home decor shop that offered interior design services & custom wood work. • Both of us work full time jobs, are newlyweds who recently bought a house & didn’t really have the money to open a business. How were we going to make this dream a reality? • Over the next couple weeks, we seriously weighed the pros & cons and decided to do the dang thang! & so we did. • In March we filed & were granted our LLC for Hutcheson Design Company. • At the end of April, we made the decision to turn our hobby into a side business. • In mid-June, we began drafting our plans, looking for a booth space, building inventory & placing wholesale orders. • In mid-July, we spent a weekend flipping the booth into our vision & are proud to say that Hutcheson Design Company is open for business. • All of this to say, we are following our dreams, and even though the timing wasn’t “right” and we are starting really small in comparison to where we see ourselves in 3 years, the point is we did it. We made a decision & are working towards our dream every day. • You can do that too! If you have a passion or a dream, pursue it. Don’t wait for the right time because that time will never come. & if you don’t know how, surround yourself with people who can guide you or do some research on your own. You can do it, I know you can! • As I’ve mentioned, our booth is open! We would love for you to come visit us at Feathers & Twigs in Carrollton GA. & when you do, please message me to let me know you did 💕