There I was, walking into a room full of people I did not know, wondering if I was crazy for going through with this. I was instantly greeted with smiles & hugs; everyone telling me they were so happy I came. • I was nervous beyond belief but I was SO PROUD I actually showed up. • Day 1 was challenging for me. I was trying to absorb all the material & figure out how to use it in my daily life & in my business. Sales was a completely new game for me. • After day 1, my brain was exhausted & honestly, I felt defeated. I was not catching on as quickly as I expected myself to & I knew I could do better! So after practicing with my mom & talking over the material with Matt, I went into Day 2 with a new perspective. • Day 2 was a game changer. Day 2 it all began to click & I felt more confident than I ever had. I completely jumped in & trusted the process, just as @macymcneely & Loy asked us to. • Day 3 was magical. Just magical. Each & every person in that room felt the growth of the entire group. We all showed up, gave it our all & gained some of the most valuable skills. • I am so thankful for each & every person in these pictures. Each of them have impacted my life in such a positive way this week & I cannot wait to hug them all again! • I love you guys, all of you! & just know, I’m pulling for you. Always!