June 8, 2019

I’ve been hesitant on posting this because nothing is set in stone yet, but I’ve been feeling a strong pull in my heart.

So here is the outside of our future HD+C HOME! Whattttt...... No, really Hill. What is HD+C.. Well I’m glad you asked!! It’s short for Hutcheson Design + Co. & you’re looking at our soon to be HOME! It is so cute & I’m in love! (Sneak peak: the inside is EVEN BETTER 😍).

For all you local folks, we will have a booth space at Feathers & Twigs in Carrollton, GA! WE ARE SO EXCITED. Our launch date is still TBD but we anticipate early July.

For anyone not local, we will have an ONLINE shop & we cannot wait to share all we have to offer! The online shop will launch shortly after our HD+C booth but it will be well worth the wait, we promise!

We are beyond excited for what God has in store for us, especially over the next couple of months & we are so grateful for all of your support! Be on the lookout for more details which will come soon.

Until next time 💕




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