Happy Saturday, friends!! We are enjoying this Memorial Day weekend on the lake with some of our favorite people! Fingers crossed I get a tan because I really need it... • Anyway, today I wanted to share my dinning room shelves because it’s been a while but also because I have a fun idea & would LOVE YOUR FEEDBACK!! • As many of you know, I love these shelves for so many reasons: they hold special memories for us, but also because they have so much design potential. 👏🏼 • With that said, I get a lot of questions about how to style shelves/entertainment systems & was thinking it would be the perfect opportunity to do (my first) IGTV, walking you through the steps of how I style them! • If you love that idea as much as me, or even if you don’t, I would love to know either way! So please comment👇🏼below with your feedback & if it would be helpful, or go vote for your choice in my stories. All feedback is welcomed & appreciated ❤️ • Hope you all have a RELAXING & SAFE weekend!